She Is Lady Luck, one of the three dragon queens to the King of Avalon.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Biography on Vivianne Del Acqs

Vivianne the water goddess was actually Sir Lancelot's foster mother. She raised him in the murky waters of her lake. She presented excalibur to King Arthur and was a scribe to Merlin recording his prophecies. At one point she fell in love with Merlin and he taught her his magical powers. Later when Merlin was absent Vivianne took his place. He was not present because her powers over came Merlin and she locked him in a dungeon in a glass tower. The two other queens that were by King Arthur's side when he fell at the battle of Camlann besides Morgan Le Fay were the Queen of the Wasteland and The Queen of NorthGales. They brought him to The Isle Of Avalon where he healed. In an article explaining Vivianne's line it said this, " Viviane del Acqs was a descendant of Joseph of Arimathea (St. James the Just) and the Dynastic Queens of Avallon, who descend from the Counts of Toulouse in Burgundy, France. She was reportedly the wife of the great Druidic bard Taliesin, and the mother of Ygerne (Ygraine) of Arthurian legend. See: Bloodline of the Holy Grail by Sir Laurence Gardner, p. 174 "Messianic Descent in Britain and Europe, 1st to 7th Century." "This family was prominent in Aquitaine, an area with a name that also has its roots in acquae ("waters") or acqs, as indeed does the town name of Dax, west of Toulouse, which stems from d'Acqs. Here, Merovingian kingly branches that evolved from the Fisher Kings became Counts of Toulouse and Narbonne, also Princes of the Septimanian Midi (the territory between France and Spain). "Another family branch, related through the female line, was granted the Celtic Church heritage of Avallon, with Viviane del Acqs acknowledged as the hereditary High Queen in the early 6th Century. Subsequently, in Brittany, a corresponding male branch of the Provencal House del Acqs became the Comtes (Counts) de Leon d'Acqs in descent from Viviane I's granddaughter Morgaine." (p. 112) Regarding the legendary matrilineal descent of this line from Mary Magdalene, see: Brown, Dan. The Da Vinci Code. Gardner, Laurence. The Magdalene Legacy Starbird, Margaret. The Woman with the Alabaster Jar."

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